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Mountainview Gordon Setters are located in picturesque southern Dutchess County, New York. For the past 33 years, I have been passionate about my breeding program. I have been breeding for type, soundness and good health, and wonderful Gordon Setter temperaments. Beauty, brains and bird sense have always been an important consideration in my breeding program. My occasional litters are carefully planned. The sires and dams are selected with the intention of keeping offspring for the future. All of my breeding stock is tested for possible health problems. Their health clearances are readily available on the OFA website – The puppies are whelped and raised at my home and are well socialized by family and friends – especially those with children.

Gordon Setters are funny and silly. They are very affectionate and love to give lots of kisses! They love attention and will often do whatever it takes to get your attention. They can be very talkative and fill your home with lots of woo-wooing. They are loving and loyal and want nothing better than to be as close to you as possible. I often call mine my four footed shadows. My Gordon Setters love children and are attracted to them like magnets. It is amazing how gentle they can be with the little ones. They are also protective of their families and let you know when strangers are approaching.

Gordon Setters are wonderful but they are not for everyone. They are energetic and need plenty of daily exercise to use up some of that energy. They love the attention of their owners and respond well to outdoor games. Many of mine are especially fond of retrieving games. Gordon Setters have a long puppy hood and take several years to mature. When they do, you will be amazed at the wonderful family dog they have become. Their beautiful black and tan coat does need some attention. Daily brushing of the long feathering is important to keep away tangles, knots, and mats. An occasional trim under and around the feet, ear, and tail areas is also advisable.

New puppy owners are asked to provide a safe home where the puppy will receive lots of attention as well as the daily exercise already mentioned. Good nutrition and regular veterinary care is a must. New puppy owners are also asked to spay or neuter their puppies to help keep down the unwanted dog population and to prevent irresponsible breeding.


“Dance” Litter – Whelped 8-31-12

(2 males and 1 female)

Sire: Dam:
Ch. Bromwich’s Causin’ A Commotion
(GCh. Firethorn’s Eye-Deal x Ch. Edgewater’s All Eyes On Me)
x Ch. Mountainview’s Seamless
(Ch. Sandpiper’s Castles By The Sea x Ch. Mountainview’s Greta Garbo)



"Dance" Litter Pedigree


Puppies pictured at 7 weeks

Puppies pictured at 6 weeks

Puppies pictured at 4 weeks

Puppies recorded at 3 weeks

Puppies pictured at 2 weeks

Puppies pictured at 1 day

Puppies - Day 1

Puppies – Day 1

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