Mountainview Gordon & English Setters

November Updates

The Gordon puppies got their registered names and call names.¬†Mountainview’s Zydeco became known as “Thibodeaux” or “Tibbs” for short, lovingly owned by the Kaplan family. Mountainview’s Zumba became known as “Cody” loving owned by Judy and Gary Vars . And Mountainview’s Cha-Cha-Cha became my “Charley”, co-owned with Suzanne Montgomery.¬†It was a little sad for me to see them go but at the same time, the boys were going to wonderful forever homes to become part of wonderful families and I did have Charley all to myself now! On the show side, Elle went WB and Best of Opp at the Framingham KC. Thanks Greg for putting a smile on my face that day!!!

On a sad note, I lost Gigi at the end of the month. My heart is broken…she was such an amazing dog, so full of life, and always wanting to have a good time. Mountainview will never be the same.